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At K A Parts we endeavour to acquire replacement parts for our customers appliance needs, however if the original appliance manufacturer has stopped producing the individual parts it may not be possible to supply certain replacement parts.

Most kitchen appliances when originally made usually have an over production of the component parts manufactured at the same time which will then serve as a reservoir of components that can subsequently be sold as replacement parts and spares for existing kitchen appliances.

When this reservoir of spares is depleted and if the demands for certain individual component items for appliance repairs are sufficiently high a manufacturer may produce more component parts to be sold as spares however this is by no means guaranteed.

It may be possible to source components and replacement parts through other suppliers who may hold left over stock for the older appliances.

Depending on the damage to the component it may be possible where feasible to repair the broken component.

Another option may be to investigate auction web sites for used and broken appliances which can be purchased inexpensively and can be cannibalized for the required replacement part.

If all the previous options have been exhausted it may be that your only recourse is to purchase a new appliance.




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