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KitchenAid Worm Gear Replacement

If you mixer isn't spinning you will probably need to replace your worm gear

The worm gear is what makes your planetary spin it is a fool safe device if you overload your mixer and it may need to be replaced over time.

Tools needed- Punch. flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and hammer 

Advise-When removing your parts make sure that you keep the screws with the parts as this will make it easier for you when putting it back together.

Step1-Remove your accessories and place to one side.

Step2-Remove the small screw in the end cover with a screwdriver and place the screw into the end cover as it is small and can be easily lost, remove the end cover towards you.

Step 3-The drip ring is the next part to be removed this is simply removed by placing your flat head screwdriver on top and just knocking lightly with your hammer.

Step 4-The planetary is next there is a roll pin here that needs to be removed using your punch and hammer just knock it though. The planetary is simply pushed on, so to remove it place 2 screwdrivers into the indents and then push down until it is free.

Step 5-Once the planetary is removed you will see 5 screws these will all need to be removed. Then at the rear there are 4 screws that need removing 1 of these screws has a locking washer on it please remember that when putting the mixer together the locking washer screw needs to go in 1 of the rear holes near the cable.To remove the upper housing unit pull the power cord base towards you so the power cord is free if when doing this a bit of the gasket falls off don't worry this can be put back in when putting back together. Now the upper housing should simply lift off.

Step 6-Once open you will see a lot of grease this is normal and nothing to worry about simply scrape out the grease so you can see the worm gear bracket you can place the excess grease into the upper housing, now remove the gear bracket by taking out the 3 screws holding it in place the bracket should now be free .There is a roll pin located in the bracket which holds the pinion gear this can be removed by your punch and hammer. Once this roll pin is removed simply pull out the pinion, and the worm gear can be pulled free. On the worm gear you will see a washer on the top and bottom just slide these of. When putting the new worm gear in it doesn't matter which one goes on the top or bottom.

Step 7-Get your new worm gear and put the washers back on there should be enough grease on the washers that they will simply stay in place, then place it back into the bracket, slide the pinion shaft back into the bracket then simply turn the pinion shaft round in the bracket till the holes line up and tap back in the roll pin.

Step 8- The bracket is now ready to go back into place,there are alignment pins which the bracket needs to sit on then screw in the 3 screws that you removed earlier.There is a bearing assembly inside that needs to be aligned onto the shaft so you may need to jiggle the head about to get it located.

Step 9- The motor housing is now ready to be put together you may experience that the housing doesn't seem to want to go back down please do not force it. The reason for this is that the gears are not in position. Get your punch and place into the hole on your planetary spindle now rotate the spindle until the gears line up then the head should simply drop down.

Step 10-Now put the 5 screws back in at the front of the housing and the 4 screws into the rear remembering that the screw with the locking washer needs to be placed in 1 of the rear holes by the power cord.

Step 11-The planetary is now ready to go back on slide it onto the shaft there is another gear here that will need to be lined up so turn the shaft on the planetary then push it on, your roll pin needs to be tapped back into place you may need to align this get your Phillips screwdriver and pull the 2 holes into alignment. The roll pin can now be tapped back into place.

Step 12-At the rear of the mixer push the power cord base back into position and make sure all the wires are in,If when you took the end cover of your gasket was torn simply place the torn bit back into the end cover at the bottom it should simply match the end cover and screw the end cover back into place.

Step 13- Finally the drip ring needs to be placed back into position this simply clicks back into place

Step 14-Plug your mixer into the electricity supply and your mixer should now be back up and running

Please see the video below for a demonstration of how to replace your worm gear.

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