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KitchenAid Replacing your phase board 230 volt

If your mixer is running at full speed when you switch it on it could be that your phase board needs to be replaced.

Tools needed for this-Small screwdriver,long nosed pliers

Step 1-Remove the small screw in your end cover and take it off, leave the screw in the cover as it is small and could easily be lost.

Step 2-The phase board is located behind the control plate and the gasket and is held in by a screw gently pull the gasket towards you but don't remove it, remove the screw and the 4 wires from the control plate the wires that need to be pulled out are the 2 top ones on the left black and blue the red one on the top right and the red/white one on the front of the plate pull gently using long nosed pliers,you will see there are another 3 wires a white,black and red leave these wires in they don't need to be removed. you can take a note of where the wires go or on the control plate there are small markings for the reposition of the wires later on.

Step 3- The board is a tight fit when trying to get it out so gently lift it over the control board then slide it out from the side.

Step 4-Before putting the new board in you will need to add some thermal compound this is needed as it disperses the heat though the body of the mixer to stop your appliance over heating,the compound on be applied onto the bearing assembly where the phase board will sit or on the back plate of the board we find putting it on the back of the board the easist way.

Step 5-To place the board back in lower it towards the back in a downwards position and raise it back up and screw into place the screw is located at the back of the board then put the gasket back into place.

Step 6-Now reinstall the wires either following your own notes or reading the markings on the plate RW-Red/White,RD/Red,BK/Black and BL/Blue

Step 7- Now screw on your end cover and your ready for action







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