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KitchenAid Motor Brush Replacement Video

If your mixer has stopped working the first and easiest thing to check is your  motor brushes as these may have worn down and need replacing. To change your brushes please follow these simple steps

Tools Required- a torch, a small coin and your new motor brushes. 

Step 1-Take your small coin and place it into the slot on the side of your mixer then turn it anti-clockwise,  be careful when doing this  as the motor brush has a spring which can fly out. Once the cap is removed the old motor brush should pull out easily.

Step 2- Shine your torch down the hole and you should see a small notch.On the new motor brush there is a bevelled edge which will need to align with the notch.

Step 3- Slide the new brush into the hole ensuring the bevelled edge of the brush matches up with the notched corner.Now push the plastic cap back into the hole and turn clockwise, do not over tighten as you may damage the cap.

Step 4- You will need to repeat this on the other side for the other motor brush  then switch on your mixer and hopefully it is back up and running.


If you wish to purchase motor brushes please CLICK HERE

Please see below our video on replacing your motor brushes.





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