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KitchenAid Mixer Models and Tools

Model identification

The majority of KitchenAid mixers sold in the UK fall into one of two groups for the type of tools they use.  The table below lists the most common model numbers and the tool set they use.  In the tables that follow the part numbers for the different tools are listed.  The model number of the mixer is usually found on the back or base and will often be prefixed with a number and have a colour code to follow.  i.e.


  • 5 = Prefix
  • KSM150 = Model Number (see below)
  • ER = Colour code (Empire Red) (see below)

If in doubt or your model is not listed please contact us.

Model Number Tool Set
K45SS Tool Set 1
KSM75 Tool Set 1
KSM90 Tool Set 1
KSM103 Tool Set 1
KSM110 Tool Set 1
KSM150, KSM151, KSM152 Tool Set 1, + K5THSBP Bowl in addition to ones listed
KN15E Tool Set 1
KM25G Tool Set 2
KP50 Tool Set 2
K5SS Tool Set 2
KSM5 Tool Set 2

Tool Set 1 - 4.5qt

Tool Part Number
Dough Hook - C style K45DH (9708471)
Flat Beater - Coated in white K45B (K5THCB for special models) (9708470)
Flat Beater - Burnished (uncoated) K5THB (9707572) (9709961)
Wire whip (whisk) K45WW (9706446)
Bowl K45SB
Bowl K45SBWH
Bowl (KN15E only) KN15PBEH
Bowl KB3SS
Pouring Shield KPS2CL
Bowl Cover KBC90N

Tool Set 2 - 5qt

Tool Part Number
Spiral Dough Hook - Coated  
Spiral Dough Hook Burnished (uncoated) KNS25BDH (9708265)
Dough Hook - C Style - Coated K5ADH (3183236)
Dough Hook - C Style - Burnished (Uncoated) K5BDH (9707670)
Flat Beater - Coated K5AB
Flat Beater - Burnished (Uncoated) K5ABB (240235-4) (3177260)
Wire Whip (Whisk) K5AWW (4162166)
Pouring Shield  KPS2CL (KN1PS) (9709923)
Bowl Cover KBC5N (KN1BC) (9708442)

Colour Codes
AC0 (Almond Creme)
AC1 (Almond Creme − Europe)
AQ0 (Aqua Sky)
BF0 (Buttercup)
BK0 (Imperial Black)
BL0 (Bayleaf)
BU0 (Cobalt Blue)
BW0 (Blue Willow)
BY0 (Boysenberry)
CB0 (Cranberry)
CH0 (Chocolate)
CL0 (Crystal Blue)
CN0 (Citron)
CO0 (Cornflower Blue)
CPK0 (Pink)
CS0 (Cocoa Silver)
CT0 (Clementine)
CV0 (Caviar)
CY0 (Bing Cherry)
ER0 (Empire Red)
ER1 (Empire Red − Europe)
FB0 (French Blue)
GA0 (Green Apple)
GB0 (Glacier Blue)
GC0 (Gloss Cinnamon)
GG0 (Grass Green)
GN0 (Empire Green)
GP0 (Grape)
GR0 (Imperial Grey)
IC0 (Ice)
LM0 (Lemon)
LV0 (Lavender)
MA0 (Mango)
MC0 (Metallic Chrome)
MG0 (Martha Green)
ML0 (Meyer Lemon)
MN0 (Melon)
MY0 (Majestic Yellow)
OB0 (Onyx Black)
OB1 (Onyx Black − Europe)
OR0 (Spicy Orange)
PE0 (Pear)
PK0 (Pink)
PL0 (Dark Plum)
PM1 (Pearl Metallic − Europe)
PN0 (Persimmon)
PT0 (Pistachio)
PT0 (Pistachio)
RB0 (Reef Blue)
SF0 (Sunflower)
SM0 (Silver Metallic)
SU0 (Surf Green)
SY0 (Sunshine Yellow)
TG0 (Tangerine)
VN0 (Vanilla)
VT0 (Violet)
WB0 (Wasabi)
WG0 (Williams Sonoma Green)
WH0 (White)
WH1 (White − Europe)
YC0 (Yellow Citrus)
YP0 (Yellow Pepper)







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