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KitchenAid Mixer Micro Switch

The model of mixer you have came with a pour shield that had to be in place for it to activate a microswitch and allow the mixer to turn.  This decision was originally made by the EU as a safety devise.

A few years or so later it was pointed out that over many decades people had used mixers without the need for a safety microswitch and subsequently the micro switch was removed. 

Over time KitchenAid redesigned the pour shield to make it easier to fit and completely forgot that some older models relied on the shape and thickness of the pour shield to activate the microswitch. After research and advise from the official KitchenAid US their response is to bypass the micro switch.

In conclusion to this please get a qualified electrician to bypass the microswitch.  Once this has been done there is no need for a pour shield only if you wish to have one to stop splatter.

In the image below the red circle is the microswitch in question that needs to be bypassed.





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