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Adjusting your Mixer Head Height

If your beater is connecting with the bottom of your bowl or your ingredients aren't mixing well, the head height on your mixer will need to be adjusted.

Tools required- A screwdriver and a coin

Step 1-Place the coin into your bowl and switch on your mixer.  If the coin is contacting with the beater and you can hear it, then the beater is too low.  Alternatively if the coin is not moving at all, then the beater is too high.

Step 2-Lift your mixer head and remove the beater.  You will see a screw, this is called the adjusting screw.  This screw needs to be turned anticlockwise for the beater to come up and clockwise for the beater to go down.Turn the screw 1/2 a turn at a time. The coin should move 1/4 to 1/2 inch in the bowl and you shouldn't hear any noise from the beater and coin.Take care when turning the screw so that it doesn't become too loose; as this will cause the head not to engage or lock into place which could cause damage to your mixer. 

Step 3-When you are happy with your head height check that the hinge pin is still in position if it is protruding out more one side then the other knock it back into place with the mallet so it is flush.We now sell a new style hinge pin that locks into position so it will never move 


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