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KitchenAid mixers have become very popular in Europe over the past couple of decades.  KitchenAid build mixers that will work in Europe however for a number of reasons some mixers that are built for use in the USA are now present in the UK and Europe.  These mixers will not work in the UK or Europe without a transformer or being converted for 220V.

How can I tell what voltage my mixer is?

KitchenAid label all their mixers with the voltage underneath the base.  The label also includes the full model number.  If the mixer has a molded plug fitted that is usually a good indicator of voltage.  

Over the past few decades the voltage around the world have been harmonised (  Countries that used to be 220v to 240v are now on 230v and countries that had between 110v and 126v have now moved to 120v.

Should I buy a 120V mixer?

Generally we would recommend not. If you are importing from the USA it will generally work out more expensive after shipping, taxes, duties and the cost of a suitable transformer.  If you are able to convert your model to 230v then the cost of conversion will make it more expensive.  

What will happen if I plug my 120V mixer into 230V?

If you do not use a suitable transformer it will destroy the mixer.  On some models (those with a mechanical governor) you may get a few minutes of use out of it before the motor spins out of control and destroys components in the rear of the mixer.  If you have a mixer with electronic control then the mixer usually blows immediately.  Sometimes there is a bang and flash, sometimes it just does not work.

I have a 120V mixer, what options do I have to use it in the UK, Europe or Australia (with 230v)?

There are basically 3 options:

  • Use a transformer
  • Convert it to 230V
  • Sell it and buy a 230V model

What transformer would you recommend?

The transformer you use must be capable of handling the full power of the mixer continuously.  It must also be safe to use in the kitchen where there is the danger of liquid being spilt.  We only recommend the use of site transformers as these are usually IP44 protected and deliver sufficient power.  To use one you will need to replace the 110V plug with an appropriate plug.  The normal colours of a US flex lead are Black, White and Green.  Black is live, white is neutral and green is earth.

Can I convert my mixer?

There are some mixers that can be converted, some cannot.  If you have a KPM5, K5, K5SS, KPM50, K50, KSM75, KSM90, K45 (classic), KSM150 (Artisan) or a KSM156 and any other traditional 4.5qt or 5qt version then the answer is yes.  If you have a 6qt mixer the answer is no (KitchenAid do not manufacture the parts in 230v format for these mixers).  If you have a 7qt mixer you probably can but they are so new we have not yet had to convert one.  Please contact us if you have a 7qt model or you are unsure.

I understand I can convert my mixer, what do I need?

We have put together two kits.  The only difference between them is the type of plug supplied:

The kits require a good level of mechanical skill.  You will need to tap holes (we provide a self tapping screw for this), wire in an RF filter board and potentially drill new holes.

We do not make either kit available for sale directly on the website.  We have not yet created any suitable instructions.  If you want to purchase a kit of parts please contact us.

Surely I only need to replace the motor don't I?

The whole of the top of the mixer is a "motor".  The main parts are the armature and field assembly.  A lot of people wrongly believe that replacing these two parts is all that is needed to convert the mixer.  The other parts we put in the kit are not just for show.  Each one is needed to make the mixer the same spec as a 230v model that is shipped from the factory.  Leaving out parts will make it unsafe either immediately or at some stage in the future when someone works on the machine and is misled because labelling still denotes it is 120V.




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