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KitchenAid Blender split coupler information

Sometimes the coupler on top of the blender base splits apart. When this happens the rubber separates form the aluminium disc that is usually embedded inside. The following pictures show what the blender looks like when this happens.  

The aluminium disc (with 6 holes) needs to be removed.  

This disc is part of the old coupler.  The coupler we supply contains the aluminium disc inside it. Please see the following product: Replacement couplers and tool.

For details on how to remove the coupler, please see here: Instructions on how to remove the coupler. In addition to these instructions, you may find it easier to hold the metal disc using needle (long) nose pliers or strong circlip pliers.  If you have them, a pair of stilsons, a pipe wrench, mole grips or large adjustable pliers will also help grip the aluminium disc.  If all else fails, removing the disc with by levering with a large screwdriver will always work.

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