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KitchenAid Blender glass jar assembly help.

Quite often when a new glass jar or collar are purchased from us we talk to customers that are having difficulty assembling the glass jar and collar.  We hope that the information we have put together here will help to get the glass jar and collar to fit properly on the blender.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The collar won't fit on the blender.

The collar has a safety mechanism and will not fit properly on the blender until the glass jar (or plastic culinary jar) is securely in place.  The mechanism prevents the blades from engaging with the coupler so that the blender cannot be turned on in such a way that the blades can spin with no protection.  If you try to put the collar on the blender without the jar in position it will sit above the base.  The collar must have the jar in place before it will sit correctly on the base.

My old glass jar is slightly smaller and fits but my new one does not.

The KitchenAid glass jars are "blown" during manufacture.  Glass is a material which shrinks as it cools and can vary slighly from one jar to another.  Each jar is tested to make sure it is within a pre-set tolerance and some jars will differ from others by up to 2mm.

The difference in each jar is taken up by the silicone rubber seal (gasket) which sits in the collar.  This gasket is vee shaped to allow it to compress and fit to jars at either end of the tolerated sizes.

The collar does not look like it will fit.

The top of the blender has 8 scalloped (curves) on it whilst the underside of the collar merely has 4 ribs in an otherwise round design.  This is the design.  When the collar has the glass jar installed correctly the 4 ribs engage the shallow sections of the base and the jar assembly will sit correctly on the base.

The glass jar will not fit the collar.

The glass jar needs to be turned in the collar until it "clicks" into place.  If the jar is only partially twisted into place the safety mechanism will still be engaged and the jar will not fit.

If the collar is new it will almost certainly be stiffer than an older collar.  When the glass jar is twisted into place on a regular basis the collar is often worn such that the jar easily twists in and out.  A new collar does not have the same wear and can be very tight.  It is easy to think that the jar is fully in position when it still needs to be turned further.  It is posible to look through the glass and see where the "nibs" on the glass are in relation to the slot they run in.  Check that they are fully to the end of the channel.

New collars have a plastic "pip" that protrudes down slightly from the top of the channel in the collar.  This pip gives the positive click as the jar is turned but can make it difficult to click a jar into place the first couple of times a new collar is used.  After a few times the pip will often be flattened by the glass jar making it easier to twist the jar into position.

The new glass jar / collar really does not fit!

To prove that this is not the case we recommend you "dry" fit the collar without the gasket.  What that means is twist the glass jar into place but leave out the gasket.  This should work easily.  Try the assembly on the blender.  Do NOT switch the blender on or use the jar assembly without the gasket.  If the jar assembly fits then the collar and jar are perfectly OK and do fit together.  The problem is that the gasket is not being compressed enough to allow the jar and collar to fully engage.

The gasket won't compress enough.

If the seal is old it may have become stiff and not as pliable as a new gasket.  We would recommend changing the gasket if this is the case.  New seals can also be difficult to compress enough but once the jar has been twisted with enough force to engage the jar the collar should be easier to remove and re-install on subsequent attempts.

It sometimes helps to soak the collar, gasket and jar in hot water to soften the gasket.  Quickly dry all parts and try to assemble the jar.










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