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All the parts of glass jar are available new here:

These instructions have been put together to explain how to take apart a KitchenAid Glass Jar.  It is very common to hear that people have tried to remove the blade unit by trying to remove the 'wingnut' under the blade unit.  This should not be necessary and often results in the 'wingnut' breaking.  The 'wingnut' is not available as an individual spare part and must be purchased as part of the blade assembly.

The jar should be taken apart after each use to allow it to be cleaned thoroughly.

Blender Blade Base 

Blender Base with Blade

Step 1 Remove the lid

The lid should just pull out.  The lid include a plastic 'plug' which can be removed from the lid by turning until it can be lifted out.  The lid should be a snug fit in the jar and should not fall out if the jar is turned upside down.


Step 2 Place upside down on soft work surface

Please make sure the work surface is clear and that the glass won't scratch the work surface.

Step 3 Unscrew plastic base (also called a collar)

The collar should unscrew relatively easily however if it has been in place for some time it may be more difficult.  The collar unscrews anti-clockwise which is the usual direction.

Step 4 Remove the blade unit

The blade unit should lift out easily, however this is not always the case.  If the blade unit has not been removed before the gasket may be stuck firmly to the jar and blade unit.  it may be necessary to use a thin edge to gently prise the gasket away from the glass.  Please be careful if you need to do this.

Once the blade unit is free from the gasket, the blade unit should easily come out by tilting it and lifting it out.  If it does not, the blades may have been bent out of shape during use or you may have an old blade unit with blades that are slightly to long.

Special note. Older style blade units

If you have an older style blade unit you will need to take it apart to remove it from the jar.  We recommend that you purchase a new-style blade which will allow the jar to be disassembled for easy thorough cleaning.

Taking apart the old blade unit whilst in the jar can be very dangerous and we do not recommend it unless you take safety precautions. We are aware of several cases where people have cut themselves on the jar whilst trying to remove the blades.  If you do take the blade unit apart please remember that the wingnut turns clockwise to undo.  If you turn it the wrong way it is very likely to break.  Replacement wingnuts are not available - the only option is to purchase a new blade unit.  PLEASE USE APPROPRIATE PROTECTION WHEN HANDLING GLASS. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE PROTECTION FOR EYES, HANDS AND UPPER ARMS.

If your jar is damaged and cannot be used we would recommend you consider safely breaking it to remove the blade unit. We stress the need to be safe. We used an old towel (which we will dispose of afterwards). We tightly wrap the glass jar in the towel and use a hammer to gently break the glass through the towel (please wear eye protection when doing this). Once broken, we unwrap the towel and remove the blade unit. We then re-wrap the glass and dispose of it.

Buy new blade unit here.

The newer blade that we supply is shown on the left, the older blade on the right.

The replacement blade units we supply will fit into the glass jar easily. 


Remove the rubber gasket

The gasket can now be removed from the blender base from cleaning.  If the gasket is damaged replacements are available in our shop.



To reassemble the jar please put all the pieces back together in the opposite way to taking them apart. Please remember the collar only needs to be turned until just tight.  Over-tightening could result in the collar fracturing.  


My jar leaks

If your jar assembly leaks form the bottom then it is most likely that the rubber seal is damaged (or missing).  We sell replacements.  A new blade unit will also come with a new seal.

If the seal is fine, it is also possible that the blade unit has been damaged.  We have had several cases where the blade assembly has melted because the blender over-heated.  In these cases the blade units occasionally leak as a result and will be more likely to overheat and destroy the coupler.






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