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 How to remove a KitchenAid Blender coupling/coupler/gear/clutch Minimize

KitchenAid Blender Coupler Removal with a spanner.

If you have not already removed your coupler you can purchase a coupler with a suitable spanner here: Single coupler and spanner.  Many customers have requested more than one coupler so we have also created a kit with 2 couplers here: Two couplers and spanner


Tools required a thin 7mm spanner.  

Step 1-Remove the glass jar,collar and blade unit

Step 2- Place your spanner underneath the coupler and rotate the coupler whilst gently pressing the spanner against the shaft until you can feel the spanner lock onto the shaft so the spindle holding the couler will not move

Step 3-Whilst holding the spanner tightly turn the coupler clockwise.  This is the opposite way to which you would normally turn a screw to undo it.The coupler should now unscrew and you can remove it from the spindle

Step 4-To fit a new coupler simply screw the new one into position by turning it anti-clockwise.  You do not need to tighten the coupler as it will tighten during use.




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