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Kenwood A901 Help

For help on repairing your Kenwood A901 mixer speed control please click here.

Kit component details

The parts in our kit will look different to the ones you have on your mixer.   All the components in your old mixer should be replaced with the components in our kit.  You should not just replace one or two parts and leave the others because they "look OK".  All our components are improvements on the original.


The triac we supply is a BTA08-600B which is rated at 600V and 8A.  This will directly replace the existing triac.  If the original triac is still fitted it may be a BTA08-600A.  The 'B' relates to the sensitivity which is standard.


We supply uprated resistors.  These will absorb more current and generate less heat than the original ones.  They will function the same electrically but will significantly reduce the risk of over-heating.


The capicators we supply are X2 versions.  The orignal mixer was designed and made over 40 years ago.  Technology has moved on significantly since then.  These capacitors are manufactured to the latest standards and are of a very different design to the original ones.  The X2 capacitors are superior to the original ones and should not deteriorate over time in the same way as the original ones do.  All the capacitors we sell have been manufactured since 2014.

It is usually the old capacitors that have failed and caused most issues.  They will often appear cracked which is a symptom of the deterioation of the internal parts.  The older style of capacitor is still available as "new old stock".  This means there is still a lot of stock available that was manufactured many years ago.

Our Kenwood Chef repair kit is only for the following models:
CHEF A703, A701C, A703C
(Not suitable for  CHEF A901E, A902 EXCEL, A904 EXCEL, A901 DELUX, MAJOR A907D.)



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