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UK postage

We offer several different postage options for packages we send in the UK. The postage options available may be limited if the item is large or other conditions prevent us from using certain services. The prices for individual items are shown on the product page. When you check out the basket, weight is used to determine the overall cost.

Address checking

Every order sent to a UK address is checked by our postcode checking software. This software is not perfect but has enabled us to prevent over 95% of errors that lead to failed or late delivery.

The postcode specified at checkout is looked up on the Royal Mail database. If the road name that the Royal Mail has used is not in the address, then we will flag the packet as "on hold". This could happen if the wrong postcode is used or the street name is missing or incorrectly spelled. We also check that the post town and its appropriate "locality" are in the address. If they are not we need to add them.

Why are you using a town that is 30 miles away?

The Royal Mail (and most couriers) deliver your packet to specified depots. The packages are then sent out from these depots for delivery. In sparsely populated areas these depots may be many miles away. The post town is used to get the package to people who will eventually deliver your package. If we leave out the post town packages can get delayed. They will usually get delivered, however we believe that if the full address is present there is more chance of the package arriving sooner.

We always use our house name, not the number. We don't even display the number on the house. Why do you insist on having the number?

If your house has a number then it needs to be used. The local postman may know where all the houses are in a road but a courier usually has no local knowledge. Most couriers will spot numbers on neighbouring houses and will know when they are getting close. Some couriers have been known to give up if it looks too hard to deliver.

My house name is not on the Royal Mail database. How do I add it?

The best way to get the name of your house added is to use the Royal Mail Contact form. The Royal Mail will normally add your house name as an "alias". This might not appear on all web sites but will eventually get an update with your house name in it.

My street name is not spelt correctly on the Royal Mail database. How do I change it?

The best way to get a change made is to use the Royal Mail Contact form. Normally street names that are incorrect need the intervention of your local authority. Your local authority will have a department that notifies the Royal Mail when new houses are built and new roads are named. This same department has the authority to ask the Royal Mail to update street names.




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